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Enjoy every moment of every day.
Take your time to go out and play.
Enjoy the time when all goes well.
And when it's bad, do not dwell.
Enjoy every heartbeat your heart
Is willing to give
Make it count, for as long as you live.
Enjoy the things you like, endure
The things you not.
Count your blessing, there are a lot!
Enjoy the love of the people around you.
Pick yourself up, when you are feeling blue.
Enjoy every smile, each splinter of fun.
Enjoy your life, you will only get one...!!!


I've searched my soul but hard as I've tried
I find my religion is "unclassified"
I believe in nature and laughter and love
And goodness and mercy and God up above.
The sun and the rain and the winds that blow
And a hundred earthy things that I know
But I don't fit in, in a civilized way
To the rules and the customs that people say.
My heaven's on earth; it's the things that I share
With the whole human race- I really care.
And when I'm gone and just ashes remain
I'll be part of the earth and the wind and the rain
It's my "everlasting"_ it seems right to me
In the big scheme of life, it's the way it should be...!!!

In complications of life

In the complication of life,
We often lose our say,
Things become really though,
That we often lose our way,
Life is such my friend,
You can't fake it or pretend,
When it hits you hard,
You have to find a solution,
You have to find your own way...!!!

Life is like a camera..
Just focus on what's
Important and capture
The good times..
Develop from the
Negatives and if things
Don't work out..
Just take another shot...!!!

Life lives, life dies.
Life laughs, life cries.
Life gives up, life tries.
But life looks different
Through everyone eyes...!!!

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