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Getting birthday wishes just right is not the easiest thing to do, even if you and your loved ones are the best of friends. It's even harder if the two of you can never get along with each other. Here we have a big collection of birthday poems that helps you.

Another Year has come and gone.
How our lives have changed. And
The best is still to come. Each day
Is a journey through time full
Of happiness, love and joy. And yes,
There are times of sadness and regret.
But that is the balance of life.
We strive to be the best. We love with
All our hearts. We must find the joy of
Life and appreciate each moment that will
Pass. Time moves quickly as we grow 
Older. Take a second to look around
And see all of those who love you.
It is your birthday. We celebrate
Your life today.
Happy Birthday...!!!

Fair Birthday Wishes
Another year has hurried by
And to your house again I fly
To wave my wand with birthday cheer,
Not that you will see me, dear,
For I'm invisible to all;
However, you might hear me call,
If you listen carefully,
My voice is jingle-jangully,
Like a tiny fairy bell
And it will say, "I wish you well"
I wish you such a happy day
And lots of love from all the Fey."
Happy Birthday...!!!

Good morrow to the golden morning,
Good morrow to the world's delight,
I've come to bless the life's beginning,
Since it makes my own so bright!
I have brought no roses, sweetest,
I could find no flowers, dear,
It was when all sweets were over
Thou were born to bless the year.
But I've brought thee jewels, dearest,
In the bonny locks to shine,
And if love shows in their glances,
They have learn'd that look of mine!
Thoms Hood (1799-1845)
Happy Birthday...!!!

Happy birthday to someone I love so much.
One who has that "special touch."
Always a smile upon your face.
Everything you do is with style and grance.
Please know today how special you are.
Wherever you go_ whether near or far.
Happy Birthday...!!!

Thirteen candles on your cake.
Thirteen wishes you now can make.
I know you're thinking
A teenager at last!
How have the years
Gone by so soft?
You always have been such a treasure
And brought to us so much pleasure.
Thirteen candle on this special day,
We will always be with you along the way.
From the day you were born, we must say,
These thirteen candles are yours today.
Happy Birthday...!!!
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