Wisdom Poems About Life With Images By Famous Authors

It can be difficult to define Wisdom, Wise people generally share an optimism that life's problems can be solved and experience a certain amount of calm in facing difficult decisions. Intelligence—if only anyone could figure out exactly what it is—may be necessary for wisdom, but it definitely isn't sufficient; an ability to see the big picture, a sense of proportion, and considerable introspection also contribute to its development.

Rose printed sheets worn
Smooth by many washings

A handmade Uitleg to cover
I slide into bed
Laying in the dark I think, how strange
That I should be the one nurtured and cared for
I, the one who chose to let another watch her grow
And got to shape her life
Now I am kept and fed by her these last few days
Flowers in my room, good food on the table
A smile to greet my day
How is it possible that this could be?
That I could be received by loving arms
When I sent that one away?
On the depths of God's mercy and the breath of his love
All of the oceans of the earth nor the skies of the universe
Can contain his goodness to me
I am astonished by his grace and so glad
To be here in this place...!!!
Cathee Poulsen...!!!

More Than Flight
A wing is more than flight
It moves within me, from dark to light
It holds and takes my heart
Up and away to begin the start
Of a new day, of a new life
Now full of awe and not just of strife
Reverent wonder in all that can be
When you let pain go and love sets you free
Child within who holds my hand
The sun, moon, stars and the sea
And all that is, all I am to be
My eternity awaits
My belief in that which is my fate
As heaven shouts in delight
For my soul's wings are much more that flight...!!!
Bridgette Rodriguez...!!!

No matter how long the wind blows,
the sun shines,
the moon glows,
We may have our ups and downs but,
It's worth it,
Even if it takes times,
It is time that i have,
It might as well take a thousand years...!!!

The danger of the wisdom
We learn to live without passion
To be reasonable, We go hungry
Amid the giant granaries
This world this. We store up plenty
For when we are old and mild.
It is our strength that deprives us.
Like Keats listening to the doctor
Who said the best thing for
Tuberculosis was to eat only one
Slice of bread and a fragment
Of fish each day. Keats starved
Himself to death because he yearned
So desperately to feast on fanny brawn.
Emerson and his wife decided to make
Love sparingly in order to accumulate
His passion. We are thought to be moderate.
To live intelligently...!!!

There is only one like me
In all the cosmos
No one else in this wide universe
Breathes just like me
The dreams I have are part
Of the great continuum of time
Peculiar to me, never to be
Repeated in like manner
No two of us can be composed
For though we many appear alike
We are each the only one
When I share who I am with you
It is like nothing that has come
Before or will come after
My smile, my words, my perception
Of the world, of life, is mine and
Mine alone,
I gift you with my presence...!!!

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